15 April 2012

Actor look-alikes

Celebrity look alikes 2

While I'm currently working on some more serious lists, I decided to make this list, just for fun. I'm not saying that these are the ones that looks most alike in the world, but I wanted to include only the ones I thought of myself. At least one in the couple has to be associated with film.

Top 5 Actor look-alikes.

Nr. 5: Peter Lorre - Pete Doherty

Maybe not always, but in the movie "M" Peter Lorre looks a lot like Pete Doherty, mostly because of the eyes.

Nr. 4: Richard Gere - A mink

I don't know if this mink is an actor, but you all know Richard Gere. You could also say he looks a like a dog or any other animal. If the mink would smile as Gere, I don't think you could see who's who.

Nr. 3: Matt Damon - Mark Wahlberg

I have always thought of these two practically as the same person. It happens sometimes that I realize quite late in a movie that the main character was Mark Wahlberg and not Matt Damon or vice versa. Actually, they don't look too much alike placing their pictures side by side, but there's something about them that makes me look at them as almost the same person.

Nr. 2: Harrison FordDennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid looks a lot like a younger Harrison Ford. Before, when I didn't know as much as today about movies, I thought I was watching Harrison Ford when it actually was the less known Dennis Quaid

Nr. 1: Javier Bardem - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

When I was looking for pictures of these two I found the same picture when I searched for Javier Bardem as when I searched for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I wasn't sure who it actually was.


  1. matt damon's look a alike is leonardo dicaprio!!!

    1. Hm, strange that I never thought of that before. Maybe they only look like each other, nothing else? I mean how they act, talk etc. like I think Wahlberg and Damon do.

    2. The departed confused the be'jesus out of me because I thought mat and Leo were playing the same character. For a full 45 minutes I thought the film was about a guy who was a mole in the FBI and the mafia.

  2. Hahaha Fin blogg john, hur kommer de sej alldri hört om denhe förrut? ;)

  3. "Please visit my blog by clicking my name!" Där va de, ska bli din Top läsare nu eller nåja iaf top 5 ;).. Bookmarked and subscribed BAM!

    1. Okej, he va ju bra min marknadsföring gick fram. :]

  4. Nice list, even though Matt Damon's look-alike is Hilary Swank ! ;)

    I never thought about Harrison Ford and Dennis Quaid looking alike, but you're right. And the #1 pair is dead on, I've always thought so (and I know a lot of others have as well).

    Richard Gere was a good one as well, put a smile on my face :D

    1. Hmm, hadn't thought of Hilary Swank, but I looked it up and you're right. Still, I'll go with Mark Wahlberg cause he and Matt Damon are still the same person to me! :D

      One of the main reasons I like Richard Gere so much is because he looks like an animal.

  5. Hollywood actor Bradley cooper look like Indian actor Hrithik roshan.