01 May 2012

Top 5 Movies Seen in April

April was a great month for me, much better than March. I got a few new personal favorites and saw many movies I enjoyed. The posts I made this month had a significant impact on what kind of movies I watched, for example, many time travel movies and movies released 1920.

This is how my ratings were distributed in April:

Nr. 1: Melancholia (2011)

Directed by: Lars Von Trier
Genre: Drama, Sci-fi

Nr. 2: Vozvrashchenie (2003)

Aka: The Return
Directed by: Andrei Zvyagintsev
Genre: Drama

Nr. 3: Down By Law (1986)

Directed by: Jim Jarmusch
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Nr. 4: Way Down East (1920)

Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Genre: Drama, Romance

Nr. 5: Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

Directed by: Woody Allen
Genre: Drama, Crime

Melancholia is one of the best drama films I've ever seen. It's about the life of two sisters and the people surrounding them during a time when another planet is about to pass close to the earth. The movie is divided into two parts, which I liked. Visually it was perfect and the story and acting is superb. I like catastrophe movies but there aren't too many serious drama movies like this one in that sub-genre.
If possible, watch it in Blu-Ray.

Vozvrashchenie is a film about the return of a father that abandoned his family years ago. When he returns, he takes his two sons on a trip. The older brother respects him, unlike the younger one, who shows his disappointment. I had been thinking of watching this for a long time and I'm glad I finally did. It isn't a happy movie, it's dark, tragic and depressing. Great acting here too, The actor who plays the younger brother does some of the best acting by a child I have ever seen.

Down by Law is a great comedy by indie director Jim Jarmusch. It's about three men, the DJ Jack, the pimp Zack and the Italian tourist Roberto, that by mistake ends up in prison and share cell. I don't know if a have seen a more real comedy than this one before. The humor that developed between the characters, especially between Jack and Zack and the way they "handled" Roberto's slightly irritating style, felt very real. I would recommend this one to anybody that likes unique comedies.

Way Down East was also represented in my list of top 5 movies released 1920, where you can read my comment about it.

I normally don't like Woody Allen movies that much, but sometimes he makes really great movies and Crimes and Misdemeanors is the best one I've seen from him so far. There's two stories in this film, one about a respected man whose reputation is at risk when his mistress threatens to expose herself to his wife and one story about a married documentary filmmaker who falls in love with another woman.

Worst movie of the month: The Children
A horror movie me and my girlfriend watched a few days ago. Terrible acting, bad story and not scary in any way. Halfway through we made it faster with 3x speed, which made it more entertaining.

Check out my list of the best movies I saw in March:
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  1. I still haven't seen Melancholia, but most people like it so I should have a look soon.

    The Return is a really great drama. And I agree that the young kid is excellent. Did you know that the older brother, the actor, died in a drowning accident shortly after the movie was made ? As tragic as the story in the movie...

    Down by Law was a movie I saw a long time ago. I wasn't too impressed, but then again, my taste wasn't as broad as it's today so who knows what I'd think now. I know that a lot of people like it.

    I fully agree with you on CaM, it's one of the best Woody Allen movies I've seen. And it's one that I'd like to rewatch one day. Nice to see you mention it.

    1. Yes I heard about the older brother through the IMDb trivia and had to read more about it on other sites. Very tragic and I think it makes the movie even sadder.

      I have to admit that I wouldn't have liked Down by Law as much a few years ago, so maybe you would like it more now too!

      I also liked Midnight in Paris, so I have become eager to watch more Woody Allen films. I prefer it if he doesn't act in his movies though :)

  2. Watch "The Room"